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About MindBodyMoney

We created MindBodyMoney from a realization that these three core elements of life often relate to each other in either creative or destructive ways. By bringing all three to the forefront, we help build resilient people, who come together to create resilient communities, in the service of a transformed ~ equitable ~ just society.



Emilie Leyes | Money Body Money

Emilie Leyes



 Co-Founder, Creator of The Resilient Educator, Creator of The Resilient Actor, Brain Training Workshop Facilitator

Emilie is a brain training and resilience specialist, actor, and singer. She is currently on track to receive a Master’s Degree and PhD in Mind-Body Medicine at Saybrook University, where she is further researching psychophysiology, hypnosis, and other resilience-building modalities.

specialties: positive brain training & self-directed neuroplasticity, positive psychology, hypnosis and self-hypnosis, plant-based nutrition, mindfulness, mind-body wellbeing practices

certifications: positive neuroplasticity training & professional training, plant-based nutrition, positive psychology specialization

fun facts:
Emilie is a trained musical theatre performer; she’s been vegan for 10 years; she is cat mom to a grumpy kitty named Gary.


Lou Leyes




Lou is a fiduciary financial planner and group fitness instructor. He holds an M.B.A. in marketing and strategic leadership, and focuses on using business to foster transformational societal change.

specialties: physical training & fitness, values-based financial planning, plant-based nutrition

certifications: fiduciary* financial planner, group fitness instructor

fun facts: Lou is a triathlete & 5-time marathon runner; he is a self proclaimed ‘chef’; he’s the father to two (human) children, and two (non human) children: spunky chihuahuas named Bunny & Clyde; he has been vegan for 7 years

*required by law to put clients’ best interests first

Lou Leyes | Money Body Money

Why We Do What We Do

We work with individuals and organizations in high-empathy positions (actors, educators, journalists, healthcare providers, social justice activists, caregivers, coaches, etc.) to cultivate mental, physical and financial resilience. We believe that when highly empathetic people in influential positions are able to find longevity and resilience in their work, they are able to contribute to community wellness and societal change.

We incorporate various modalities including but not limited to: self-directed neuroplasticity, mindfulness and visualization practices, hypnosis and self-hypnosis, holistic healing techniques, nutrition, and values-based financial planning.

We believe justice is not only an end goal, but a practice.

It’s not enough to make a statement. It’s not enough to show support. It’s not enough to be aware. Frankly, even deliberate, planned action is not enough. But it’s a place to start.

With that frame of reference, MindBodyMoneyLLC starts with a statement, and moves forward with deliberate, planned action.

Black Lives Matter.

Our mission statement makes the claim that we “build resilient people, who come together to create resilient communities, in the service of a transformed, equitable and just world.”

We believe in equity with respect to every dimension possible, including race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, gender expression and identity, ability, class, age, style, spirituality, appearance, health status, language, geography or relationship status. If we’ve left off any dimensions, let us know.

We believe transformation begins within: within ourselves as we break down our own learned biases, and within our organization overall.

We invite our stakeholders - our clients, our employees and anyone with whom we come in contact - to hold us accountable to these ideals, using your lenses, not ours.

We believe justice is not only an end goal, but a practice.

We recognize that we are likely to fall short. We will embrace those moments to improve.


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