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Beyond the Mundane

Retrain your brain to experience more joy, awe, and playfulness in the face of life’s mundane moments!

Beyond the Mundane is a brain training mini course for folks who want to feel more motivated, create more joyful experiences out of neutral moments, and discover more happiness, awe, and playfulness in life!


You want to feel happier, but life’s mundane tasks keep bringing you down.

Life’s boring tasks always seem to get in the way. Whether it’s chores, errands, or boring meetings, you find yourself drained and unenthused by life’s mundane moments.

That’s where brain training comes in!

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Using mental practices, you can teach your brain to experience more joy, awe, and playfulness even in the midst of life’s most boring moments!

Explore how you can conjure a sense of joy and laughter alongside life’s boring tasks

Discover how you can train your brain to be more in awe of your life, just as it is

Create new positive associations with daily tasks so you can feel motivated and actually enjoy your life


Mini Brain Training Handbook

In this downloadable mini handbook, you’ll gain an outline and description of all the practices we cover in the course, and tips to implement your new daily practices.

A Guided Audio Practice MP3

You can use this short guided visualization practice to continue to train your brain to find joy, awe, and playfulness in your daily life.

Are you ready to transform your brain and celebrate your life?

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Our background & extensive experience in mental & physical health is in nutrition, fitness, physical healing practices, neuroplasticity/brain training, and mindfulness. While our system may improve mental & physical health challenges, we are not licensed healthcare professionals and therefore recommend that you continue your treatments prescribed by your providers.