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Become resilient, in and out of the classroom

Manage and prevent “teacher burnout”, reconnect with the joy and reward of your work, and gain tools to change your brain and body’s response to stress, in and out of the classroom


Individuals in high-empathy positions have a higher risk of taking on the stressors and traumas of those around them. Studies show that teacher burnout is pervasive, and the stress of schooling during a pandemic has made those challenges exponential.  

Luckily, brain training can help turn that around!



Coming Soon: Resilient Educator  

The Resilient Educator is a 6-week online brain training course for educators to…

  • Break out of chronic stress cycles
  • Grow inner resources, confidence, and self worth
  • Get in touch with their goals
  • Reconnect with their love of teaching
  • Build resilience to face the challenges of an education career with ease and calm strength.

This program also comes with practical brain training and resilience tools to bring into the classroom setting with students.

NOTE: If you are located in Pennsylvania, this program will qualify for CE credits.

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Team Resilience Workshop Series

At MindBodyMoney, we believe that while "once and done" wellness workshops can be a nice break from a stressful work life, they are often ineffective in creating real lasting change within an organization. This is why we offer new, virtual workshops on topics in mental health, resilience, and wellbeing each month for our corporate and team-based clients to provide ongoing support for their teams.

Clients may choose to bring us in for select workshops based on the monthly topic, or subscribe for ongoing monthly trainings.

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Resilient Educator Workshops & Retreats

We work with teams of educators and schools to implement brain training and cultivate resilience to prevent taking on the stress of their work, build workplace morale, reconnect with their passion for teaching, and bring resilience tools into the classroom. We work with leadership to create customized workshops and retreats based on every group’s needs.

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We offer monthly pay-what-you-can workshops in various topics in brain training and resilience!

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