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What if you could retrain your brain to love your auditions?


 Change your response to audition stress, get back in touch with your goals, and fall in love with your auditions



Auditions are stressful.

Whether it’s the last minute auditions, the preparation, the tense energy while we wait to be seen, the pre-audition jitters, nerves while we’re auditioning, the waiting, rejections, you name it. It’s a LOT.

At the same time, auditions lead us to the thing we love more than anything: sharing our art, in whatever form that may be.


You love what you do… so why don’t you love auditions?

There’s a simple explanation for this: your brain has learned and created an association between the idea of auditions and a stress response.

In neuroscience, we say “neurons that fire together wire together”, which is basically just a fancy way of saying that when there are two experiences happening at the same time, they become connected physically in the brain. So then the next time we experience one of those things, the brain reminds you of that association, and even anticipates the other experience.

Somewhere along the way, your brain accidentally wired the idea of auditions with stress.

And now, whenever you think about auditions, your brain thinks it’s helping you by reminding you of that stress, making you feel stressed in the moment.

But the great news?? Neurons that no longer fire together, no longer wire together.

This means that you can use brain training practices to undo that negative association, and get back to LOVING what you do. You can give yourself experiences that allow you to wire joy, gratitude, love, calm strength, and resilience with your auditions!

You can rewire your brain to LOVE your auditions!


The Resilient Audition

7-Day Brain Training Intensive for Actors

Rewire your audition stress, re-align with your goals, and fall in LOVE with auditions


This is a practical, step by step, neuroscience-informed audition program that teaches you to rewire your brain to undo audition stress and create positive associations with your auditions and career.

What you'll get with registration:

In this 7-day intensive, you will receive daily lessons and experiential brain training practices to change your brain's relationship with auditions in just one week. Check out the breakdown to see what your intensive will look like.

Plan to spend approximately 30-45 minutes on your brain training activities each day.

Daily Video

Watch a short video lesson (5-15 minutes) to go over the topic of the day and see what your guided practice will entail.

Daily Journal

Answer journal questions for you to explore the day’s topic in more depth.

Daily Brain
Training Practice

Go through a guided brain training practice (approx. 10 minutes) to give your brain a new experience of auditions.

Daily Audition

Rehearse your audition material alongside your brain training to create 'real world' changes and enhance your rehearsal process!


At the conclusion of the week, you'll receive an audition log to track future auditions and brain training progress, a resilient audition toolkit with step-by-step guides, downloadable guided brain training practices, & course access for 3 months

The Breakdown

In this week-long brain training intensive, you'll go through a series of practices to help you change your association with auditions from ALL angles.

Check out your 7-day Resilient Audition Roadmap:

DAY 1:
The End In Sight

  • Get in touch with your end goal
  • Identify what will make all these auditions worth it
  • Adopt a goal-based visualization practice

Day 2:
The Peaceful Audition

  • Calm your nerves in auditions
  • Change your brain's stress-based relationship to auditions
  • Embody a sense of unwavering calm strength in your auditions

Day 3: 
The Joyful Audition

  • Reconnect with JOY in your auditions and audition preparation
  • Teach your brain to release more "happy chemicals" in your auditions, allowing you to enjoy the process
  • Incorporate playfulness into your audition rehearsals

Day 4: 

  • Cultivate gratitude and reward within your auditions
  • Undo the negativity bias that gives you a skewed perception of your performances
  • Prime your brain to recognize what went WELL and create space to celebrate yourself

Day 5:
The Loving Audition

  • Fall back in love with auditions (using neuroscience techniques)
  • Remind your brain why you love your art and bring that into the audition room
  • Create a loving association with the people you encounter in auditions

Day 6:

  • Cultivate your sense of self-worth in the midst of rejections
  • Adopt a practice to process rejections when they come, and move forward confidently
  • Allow yourself to remain focused on your goals, regardless of your career status

Day 7: 
The Resilient Audition

  • Combine everything you've learned into a single practice
  • Bring calm strength, love, joy, gratitude, confidence, and resilience into your auditions
  • Adopt a simple brain training process to manage your auditions, rejections, and career long-term

The Program

Each day, you will receive an email message inviting you to check out the day's concept. You will watch a short video lesson, answer some journal prompts, and then apply the concept right away in a brain training practice alongside an actual rehearsal of your audition material.


Access The Resilient Audition on your computer, tablet, or phone

Upon registration, you will have access to this course on your computer by logging in through your browser. And, if you'd like to bring it into other devices, you can use the Kajabi App (Apple Store & Google Play) to experience the program on the go!

Simply download the app, login with your credentials that you used to register for the course, and you'll be all set!


After you’ve completed this 7-day intensive, you will leave with:

  • A downloadable brain training audition log to track all of your auditions, record your wins and what you’ve learned, and reflect upon your rejections
  • A Resilient Audition Toolkit, complete with all the information you need to continue with brain training beyond this week. This toolkit includes:
    • Your resilient audition preparation process
    • Tips to support your daily brain training practice
    • A step-by-step practice for how to process rejections when they come
  • Guided practices to use whenever you have auditions (available in downloadable mp3 files)
    • A guided visualization to utilize each day in your daily practice
    • Your complete resilient audition brain training practice (to use when you are preparing for an audition)
    • A short resilience meditation to use right before your auditions
  • Access to the course for 3 months
  • Access to downloadable guided practices and journal pages
  • Email access to Emilie Leyes, the creator of the program

Meet Your Guide

Emilie Leyes (she/they) is a New York City-based actor, singer, brain training specialist, and co-founder of MindBodyMoney.

After experiencing significant, seemingly untreatable health problems from childhood through college, she found the solution to her illness in brain training, and she was able to eradicate her symptoms in a matter of weeks. After discovering the power of neuroplasticity, she began her research in brain science to create programs for actors and creatives to train their brains to overcome challenges, transform their lives and careers, and prevent stress-related illnesses like what she experienced.

She holds certifications in Positive Neuroplasticity and Positive Psychology, and is currently on track to receive a Master's degree and PhD in Mind-Body Medicine at Saybrook University to further her research on the psychophysiology of acting.

Did you know that chronic stress can shrink the part of the brain that gives us creativity?

You could be the best actor in New York City or LA, but if you have audition stress that isn’t being addressed, it may hinder your access to creativity and imagination.

Train your brain to break out of your chronic audition stress and get back to loving what you do.


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Our Guarantee

We believe in the power of your brain, and what you're capable of when you harness your inner resilience with brain training.

If, for any reason, you try out The Resilient Audition and this process isn't for you, we have a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee. Just send us a quick email and we will refund your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

I know auditions are hard.

We are constantly told that it's a "hard career", that we've got to keep up with the "hustle", that we'll be "struggling artists".

But I'm guessing, if you've scrolled this far down the page, you believe there's something better. A better approach to auditions, a more sustainable way to think about that thing you're supposed to be doing all the time as a performer. A better way to live your days as a thriving artist.

Here's the good news: that better possibility already exists in your brain. The fact that you can visualize a possibility of better auditions means that you will have better auditions.

So let's start that journey to a more resilient audition together!

I can't wait for you to join this community.

Emilie Leyes
Actor, Singer, Brain Training Specialist
Creator of The Resilient Audition