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Wiring Self Worth

Rewire your brain to rediscover your self-worth!

Wiring Self Worth is a brain training mini course for folks who want to get back in touch with their self-worth and value and move through life with a greater sense of confidence.


You want to feel more confident, but the struggles of daily life keep you from really believing it.

It can be so hard to recognize just how awesome we are when you’re in the throes of daily life stress and can’t seem to stay on track with your goals.

That’s where brain training comes in!

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Using mental practices, you can build up an unshakable sense of self-worth and confidence by teaching your brain to recognize (and show you) just how amazing you already are!

Take inventory of all the inner resources and strengths that are available to you

Learn tools to truly celebrate yourself

Explore how you want to feel in your daily life and use a visualization practice to actually get there


Mini Brain Training Handbook

In this downloadable mini handbook, you’ll gain an outline and description of all the practices we cover in the course, bonus worksheets and journaling prompts, and handouts to support your new daily practices.

A Guided Audio Practice MP3

You can use this short guided visualization practice to continue to bring a sense of self worth and celebration into your daily life.

Are you ready to transform your brain and celebrate yourself?

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Our background & extensive experience in mental & physical health is in nutrition, fitness, physical healing practices, neuroplasticity/brain training, and mindfulness. While our system may improve mental & physical health challenges, we are not licensed healthcare professionals and therefore recommend that you continue your treatments prescribed by your providers.